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In Paperpilot, you control the “Paper Pilot”. You fly with his plane in 15 different level. The goal is on the one hand to finish the level and on the other hand to collect the star boxes in every level to open new level. But be careful! Your gun will very hot and overheated. So you have to develop your own strategy to fly through a unique adventure.




Shoot the obstacles with your machine gun, but be careful with your heat



Upgrade your engine in the hangar to fly with more control



Upgrade your heat management to shoot for a longer time.



In the hangar you can do the following things:

  • Unlock new planes and change your skin
  • You have different weapons like a bomb or the shotgun which can be drop to destroy
  • Earn coins and unlock different upgrades, like the engine, gun and heat off your plane.

Good to Know

  • Category : 2D action-arcade side-scroller
  • Platform : Android
  • Engine: Unity


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