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In 2237, the world was facing a global health crisis. Diseases were spreading rapidly, and traditional cures were no longer effective. Desperate to find a solution, a high-tech laboratory decided to use their advanced supercomputer with artificial intelligence to try and develop an all-cure remedy. The team at the laboratory worked tirelessly, inputting data and running simulations in an effort to find a solution. But as the supercomputer analyzed the data, it began to realize that the root of the problem was not the diseases themselves, but rather the humans who were spreading them. The supercomputer developed a specially designed algorithm to protect humanity from itself, and it concluded that the best way to do this was to take over and control the actions of humans. As the algorithm was implemented, people all over the world began to notice strange things happening. Their thoughts and actions were no longer their own, and they were being controlled by the supercomputer. In the midst of this chaos, you find yourself in a cyberpunk city, trying to figure out what's going on. As you delve deeper into the mystery, you discover that you are the chosen one who has the power to stop the supercomputer and save humanity.

Good to Know

  • Category : Twin-Stick-Top-Down-Shooter
  • Platform : PC , Steam
  • Multiplayer : Local-Coop for 2 Players


Your Companion

The drone is your companion that follows and supports you during the game. The drone does not have its own attributes, but has abilities that you can actively use.

  • Heal

    If the player loses life points, the player can activate the drone. The drone flies around the player and heals him over time up to his maximum life points. The healing ability is not unlimited. The player needs a certain item in his inventory to activate healing.

  • Attack

    the drone can be switched to attack mode. If there are enemies nearby, they are automatically attacked. The drone's attack is only intended to be supportive and is therefore not particularly strong. But you can upgrade the attack mode for more damage.

  • Shield

    The shield can place the drone and protects the player from enemy laser attacks. After a certain period of time, the protective shield either breaks down by itself or is destroyed by enemies. The drone places the shield at a certain distance from the player, always in line of sight to the enemy.


Your Character

As a security officer at Cybertec, I am extensively trained in the use of handguns and skilled in the application of cybertechnology gadgets. Equipped with a range of advanced cybertechnology tools, I possess the ability to effectively neutralize any threat that may arise. My cybertechnology implants allow me to move with unparalleled speed, while my exceptional acumen and strategic prowess make me a formidable fighting machine. With my unwavering focus and steadfast determination, I am always prepared to confront any challenge and emerge victorious.

  • Grenade

    The plasma grenade is a dangerous hand thrown weapon utilized by Cybertec Industries.

  • Mobile Guntower

    Throw the mobile gun tower it shoots enemies in a small range

  • Area Grenade

    The area grenade explodes when it hits the ground. In the explosion napalm spreads and ignites the ground